"RIP " Concealed Pistol Mount


RIP... Rest-In -Peace...Allow me to share how RIP is made... Mounting plate is 4" long ; 1" wide with( 2) mounting holes... With the proper bent 1/8" stainless rod. (This covered with surgical tubing . For protection to your gun barrel...)Your pistol simply slides on ,"barrel over rod". The first one made was for a lady ,who wantedto reach behind her headboard.. REACH; POINT; SHOOT!.... That's were I came up with thename "RIP" Rest-In-Peace.... My 38 cal. Is mounted behind my bedside nightstand.. I have a friend who placed hers on the inside sideboard of her bed.. Just at her fingertips...But still out-of- sight to anyone else....Also works inside gun safes . Guns can be stored in rows. Thanks for looking! All products are made in The USA!

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